Review Policy

  • All books reviewed here are either purchased by me or sent for review from the author or publisher.
  • All my reviews are honest. My opinions will not be swayed regardless of the book purchased or sent for review.
  • I cannot always guarantee a positive review for books. So if I love a book, you’ll know but if I don’t like it or find flaws, my readers will also be informed of that through constructive criticism
  • I am open to accepting ebooks (Epub format) but do prefer physical copies.
  • Reviews will be put up within a month of receiving books. Please keep in mind that I’m a student so there might be delays.
  • I will be responding to all review requests but cannot promise a review for all books.
  • I am open to hosting blog tours.

Genre I prefer:

  • Fiction (in general)
  • Young adult
  • High fantasy
  • Mystery
  • Contemporary
  • Thriller

Please note: I do not accept non-fiction books.

While contacting me, please provide the following information:

  • The title and a short summary.
  • Genre and length of the book
  • If you’re interested in blog tours, giveaways, release day blitz, etc

For more information and queries, reach me at


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